DJ X-Treme!, better known as LaMont Carson, has been spinning his soulful music flavor as a DJ since 1979. LaMont loves all types of music but is heavily influenced by Deep House, Dance Classics, Old School Hip-Hop, R&B and Jazz.

He got his start in radio broadcasting when his first Hip-Hop mix was played on “The Jerry Bloodrock Show” on WHBI-FM in Newark, New Jersey in 1981. Back then, LaMont was a true Hip-Hop head and rode the PATH subway from his hometown, Jersey City, New Jersey to New York to get the latest breaks from Rock n’ Soul Records and other Manhattan stores. He fell in love with House Music when he experienced the sounds of clubs like Eleganza, Zanzibar, Sensations/New Experience, Club 88, Cheetah and the Paradise Garage.

LaMont lived on the same block as Outer Skates roller rink which was a popular venue for live hip hop shows. The rink was his second home. It was here that he experienced performances from Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Master Flash, Dr. Rock and the Force MCs, Mr. Magic, Frankie Crocker and many others.

From 1983 to 1991 LaMont was spinning house, hip-hop, classics, reggae and R&B at parties and on the radio in Tallahassee, Florida, where he attended Florida A&M University. He has worked in the radio broadcast industry at WANM, WAMF, WIQI, WHBX, WHBT, WRAS and WGHR.

LaMont moved to Atlanta and continued to explore his love for music as a DJ at EarWax Record’s 2nd Saturday’s and as the resident DJ at Diamond’s & Pearls and Al Capone’s. He also hosted the ‘Spin Cycle’ radio show on 88.5FM and ‘House Vibes’ on 102.5FM as founder of “The Basement Soul Disciples”. Both shows featured exclusive club, disco, dance classic and rare groove mixes. During that time, LaMont worked with voiceover and production master, Mitch Faulkner, while serving as Assistant Editor of The Edge Radio Trade magazine.

LaMont has deep technology roots and was a Sr. IT Project Manager for Entertainment projects at Turner Broadcasting. He has managed game, video and mobile products for, , and He has also served as an IT consultant for WebMD, Ericsson, MediaOne, Dell Secureworks and in addition to the US, has worked in Scotland, London and Sweden.

In 2008, LaMont launched, a full-time Internet-based radio station. presents a full spectrum of SOUL music including Rare Soul, Soulful House, Neosoul, Dance Classics, Jazz, Afro Beat, Reggae and Latin. The station features live remote broadcasts and mixes from DJs from around the world. Independent recording artists are featured during regular rotation and music is submitted from global listeners.

Currently, LaMont is working to merge his Information Technology and music backgrounds to grow BasementSoul Media which creates, manages and promotes digital content. Some of the brands that his company manages include,, and

He has teamed up with is brother, Rene Carson to help him launch his documentary entitled, Blvd. Warriors. This film explores the impact that the martial arts films of the 70s had on the black community and features interviews with Grandmaster Ron Van Clief, Master Carl Scott, Soke ‘Little’ John Davis, Master Michael Jai White, Actress Gloria Hendry, Reginald Hudlin and many others.

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